Cancellation Policy

All sales are final and there will be no cash or credit card refunds for no shows including Mechanical issues.

Convertibles Policy

PDE will allow cars with factory roll over protection or SCCA approved installed roll over protection which means four points and roll hoops installed to attend. In addition they must be bolted or welded to the frame with a full hoop with down bars from the corners of the hoop in a triangle shape/direction towards the rear of the vehicle. A five point harness system is highly recommended for both driver and any passengers.  All vehicles must provide factory original (or better) seats that are securely mounted, factory seat belts are acceptable. SFI or FIA rated belts are recommended. Vehicles must also provide protection for driver and passenger in the event of a rollover within the following guidelines:

  1. Hard top and Targa-top/T Top vehicles are allowed such as all Corvette Coupes. Fiberglass hard top cars do not qualify.
  2. Convertible vehicles with factory rollover protection systems may be allowed but check with PDE first. Different tracks may have different factory roll over requirements. Factory rollover protection includes but is not limited to factory roll bars, pop up rollover bars for protection and reinforced a-pillars designed to provide roll over protection.
  3. Other convertibles require either a factory hard top or a four-point roll bar. If a roll bar is used, it must meet the roll bar requirements found in the SCCA Time Trial Rules.
  4. You should double check with any track(s) you plan to attend on their venue page and/or contact the track directly to see if it has any track specific requirements on allowed convertible roll over protection (i.e. VIR (Virginia International Raceway) does not allow Honda S2000 convertibles with factory roll over hoops/bars.
  5. Eye protection with an open face helmet is required and/or a full face helmet with shield is highly recommended.

Track Car Insurance

Lockton Motorsports Insurance – Please be aware that most auto insurance plans and PDE do not cover collision or damage to your car at the race track. However track car insurance is available thru our partner Lockton Affinity. You can get a quick quote online in minutes.